Does Easy Do It?

Posted on by Abraham

What is best about the best games is that they draw kids into some very hard learning. Did you ever hear a game advertised as being easy? What is worst about school curriculum is the fragmentation of knowledge into little pieces.

This is supposed to make learning easy, but often ends up depriving knowledge of personal meaning and making it boring. Ask a few kids: the reason most don’t like school is not that the work is too hard, but that it is utterly boring.

Seymour Papert in Does Easy Do It? Children, Games, and Learning


The Ecstasy of Curiosity

Posted on by Abraham

And when we find pattern, when we connect the dots, we experience this cognitive ecstasy, this exhilarating neuro-storm…
And our goal is to create media, to create content, to create spaces that allow us to stay curious, to stay alive, to awaken the wonder-junkie in all of us…