Welcome to WeCode24

An after-school coding initiative for under-served South African learners.
Keep scrolling to see what the programme is about, and how you can sign up.

Learn to Code

Learn the fundamentals of computer programming through our online platform, at workshops and events.
Breathe life into your own beautiful art, interesting games, and whatever else you can imagine.


Learn together with other WeCoders, share ideas, and join forces. Invent and build the society you want to live in, and share your creations with the world.


Gain an intimate understanding of how technology works, and explore the limits of what is possible.
Improve the world around you by writing code that lets computers sense and respond. Run the code on computers that are small enough to wear!

Be creative

Learn how you can re-purpose the things around you by combining art, design and coding.
Become a maker and hack on your own projects.


We have adjusted our programme to accommodate COVID-19 restrictions and have begun rolling out at various organisations. We are willing to work with you to ensure that learning happens in a safe environment.

Sign up!

We are open to working with schools, educational organisations and anyone who works with under-resourced high school learners. The programme is offered free of charge — the only requirement is that you have a venue with computers and internet access for the learners. Please contact us if you would like to participate.
You can also read more about our mission, approach, learning philosophy and curriculum.
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