HackFest 2018, to inspire and delight

Posted on by WeCode24

WeCode24 will be hosting a HackFest on Saturday, 21 July from 09h00. It will take place at Bernadino Heights High School in Kraaifontein.

Technology offers so many opportunities for our children to realise their potential and make a positive impact in society and the economy. The WeCode24 HackFest offers an exciting window into these opportunities for learners and the broader community,“ said Prof Rachel Jafta, Founder and Director of the WeCode24 project.

The event is aimed at learners participating in the WeCode24 programme, their parents and the greater community. Like the WeCode24 programme itself, the HackFest is a playful celebration of empowerment through technology, inviting everyone into the marvellous world of programming. It is also about curiosity, access, deep understanding, community, and showing how incredible the world is. The idea is for learners to interact with empowered individuals who can invite them into their worlds, inspiring them, and changing trajectories for the good. Moving beyond just exhibiting something interesting that was programmed, it is about making it accessible, and opening everyone’s eyes to the possibilities.

The HackFest will take the form of a hands-on expo, with exhibitions ranging from Gaming to Electronics, Robotics, Live coding (coding of music as a performance), Animation, serious Science, Virtual Reality, indie games and more.

Mr Damian Magerman, Educator and WeCode24 facilitator at Bernadino Heights High School expressed his excitement, “We can’t wait to host the first WeCode24 HackFest and see first-hand the opportunities the programme offers our learners.”

Come join us and explore what the exciting world of technology has to offer.